What is IntermKeto? Is it Ketogenic or keto diet that has hype over the internet these days, <20g of net carb and excessive fat?

No, this is not a regular ketogenic or keto diet. Although Intermketo diet is based on the fundamentals of Keto diet which means no sugar and refine carbs; IntermKeto does not suggest you consume less than 20g of net carb per day.  Less than 20g of net carb per day means you can't even consume enough vegetables.  Vegetables also have carbohydrates but those are healthy carbs and will not add up in your body as refined carbs does. Intermketo does not suggest you to take excessive fat. Excessive fat will cause health issues in future such as fatty liver.  Many have concluded that original Keto diet is not sustainable due to low consumption of carbs (20g) and excessive fat.

IntermKeto can be called an alternative to Keto diet and has its core in balancing the Macronutrients.  It is based on low carb, moderate protein, moderate fat, and Intermittent fasting.  Intermittent fasting (IF) is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.  The combination of low carb with Intermittent fasting does wonders.

Now let’s discuss how Intermketo works in your body. Our body generally runs on glucose. Carb and sugar turn into glucose and our body use them as its primary fuel.  Body never gets to use fat as fuel because we keep feeding sugar and carbs. Our body never get to learn that it can use fat as a fuel. So, what this diet does is, it teaches your body to use fat instead of glucose for energy by consuming low carbs. Once your body doesn’t have enough carbs it goes after fat to use as fuel which is a pure form of fuel and it will last for long time. To give you an example, think of body consuming fuel as heat from burning fire, if the fire is created from paper, it will burn out very quickly, however if coal is used instead of paper, the heat lasts much longer.  Fat is coal for our body and glucose is paper.

This diet is not only for weight loss it has significant health benefits. Think about diabetic patient their insulin levels will stay under control. Think about cancer cells…. cancer cells love glucose when they don’t find glucose in the system they don’t grow as fast. There are endless health benefits that cannot be described in just a piece of paper I will ran out of pages.

Knowledge is the key. This diet is not simple, a lot of times it doesn’t work because you think you are not eating refined carbs but there are other foods that have hidden carbs that we need to be aware of, this is not a simple task and this is where IntermKeto Coach plays a role to help you identify what to eat and not to eat. Your body finds hidden carbs and never goes into ketosis thus you can’t even do fasting because you are constantly hungry. Now this is where I come.

I am your ketogenic coach.

I will provide you weekly grocery list and weekly milestones. My job is to challenge you, so you are motivated to complete your weekly tasks. The grocery list will tell you exactly what you consume, you don’t have to guess. I am your accountability every week you will take your weight and measurements and enter into our weekly measurement sheet on the website.  You may engage with me via email with any questions or concerns you might have in your mind.

I also offer group coaching sessions for group coaching members, where we discuss information about this diet. I motivate you every time you slip, and I am there to hold your hand and encourage you to get up again. You need to be dedicated to this diet. Once you enter you will see the results yourself!

Now let me tell you about myself. I’m not a doctor nor am I a dietitian. I am a scientist. I have extensive experience working in pharmaceutical industry.  I have been part of clinical research to see the impact of this diet first hand and also witnessed the clinical results first hand. I personally have suffered from hypertension and my doctor recommended this diet for me, I have seen significant improvement in my blood pressure to a point where I no longer need to be on the medication.

This diet is of course not forever. Once your body learns to use fat as energy you won’t have to strictly follow it. You can maintain your weight by many techniques which I will be teaching you over time. Your body will tell you what to do from there.

Let's commit and become part of this journey. Carbs are not giving you any nutrition’s besides loads of calories and high insulin spikes. Cheers to healthy life!