What is IntermKeto?

IntermKeto is a modified Keto plan combined with intermittent fasting designed to loose weight and sustain.

This program gives you full what to do and what not to do list to fully control your eating habits.

How do I know this modified keto program is for me?

This program is for you if you are not Pregnant, breast feeding and/or under 18. This program trains you to lower your insulin levels, which has many benefits besides just weight loss.

Need more information based on your individual situation, sign up for One Time Consultation under Services menu from home page for a 60 minutes conultation with the coach.

What is an IntermKeto coach?

IntermKeto’s coach can help you reach your goal weight by providing fully controlled diet plan and knowledge of InterKeto diet. Your IntermKeto coach is happy to assist you with your weight and health goals. IntermKeto  coach is your food scientist that will help you make good eating habits and choices but IntermKeto coach is not a medical professional and cannot treat medical conditions. Please consult your primary care physician for any health related questions.

What is the difference between ketogenic or keto diet and IntermKeto? Can you use regular ketogenic suggested macros?

We offer a diet which is low in carbs, moderate in protein and fat. We do not believe in consuming excessive fat nor do we believe in going extremely low in carbs such as <20g net carb.

Your IntermKeto macros will be given to you upon signing up. You can you regular Keto calculators to calculate using our suggested macros.

How do I interact with my coach?

Depending upon your selected plan.

If you are enrolled in Online or Group coaching. You can email your question to your coach. Allow 24 hour response and check your spam folder before reaching out again.

If you are enrolled into Private coaching you can engage with your coach via live chat after logging in, from your home page or via email.

How do I determine my macros?

The IntermKeto macros percentage will be shared with you upon sign up. You can use any calculator to plug those values in and get your daily macros. Based on your weight, height and activity level.  Coach is more than happy to look at your daily macros but screen shots should be provided via email, coach will not log into any dairy etc.

What does Online Coaching include?

Weekly diet plan, weekly grocery list, weekly milestones, engagement with coach via email and access to the group recipes and group forum.

What does Group Coaching include?

Weekly diet plan, weekly grocery list, weekly milestones, engagement with coach via email, access to the group recipes and group forum.  Also biweekly group coaching sessions live with your IntermKeto coach.

What does Private Coaching include?

Customized Weekly diet plan, customized  weekly grocery list, customized weekly milestones all based on your daily routine, engagement with coach in live chat any time in the day, access to the group recipes and forum and weekly check points with your coach.

What does Personal Consultation includes?

One time personal consultation with your IntermKeto coach for up to an hour over a call. You can inquire any thing about the plan based on your personal goals. It is available to everyone for example: You can be an existing member or seeking a personal consultation.

When will I hear from my coach after signing up?

You will receive a welcome email depending upon which program you have selected in your sign up within 24 hour of your initial sign up. If you haven’t received an email within 24 hours, please check you SPAM folder first. Then contact your coach via contact form.

How long is a coaching session?

Group Coaching may last up to an hour biweekly. The day and time will be provided on the site for live group coaching sessions.

Private Coaching may last up to 30 minutes bi-weekly depending upon the client need and flexibility. Coach will reach out to set up weekly checkpoint.

What if I miss a live coaching session?

Missed Group Coaching sessions will not be made up. You can request session recording via email and will be provided to you, as long as one is available.

For Private Coaching who will give 24 hour notice, session may be rescheduled.  5 minutes late will be considered a no show and will not be rescheduled(cannot be made up).

Will sign up to this program yield results?

If you follow weekly diet plan, milestones and follow rules given to you. You WILL see results, average weight loss from other members have been reported to be 20 pounds in 8 weeks, your results may vary. If you don’t follow the plan as expected you might not see results. IntermKeto coach is here to give you guidance, support and motivation but we can’t follow the diet plan for you. You must follow the diet plan, milestones and rules in order to see results.

What if I have medical concern?

IntermKeto coach is not your primary care physician. For any medical concern please follow your doctor’s direction. Your coach is a food scientist not medical doctor. Although your coach has many years of experience in this diet journey, you should never take coach’s advice as replacement or equivalent to a medical professional’s advice. Ultimately you need to follow your doctor’s advice in any health issues and concerns.

What if I change my mind about the program (cancel subscription)?

Coaching is set up as a subscription service and will automatically renew every month including weekend and holidays(does not apply to One time consultation). Cancelling must be done 7 days prior of renewal date. The sign up is for 60 days(almost 2 months) initially, after initial period it will be automatically renewed on monthly basis. All sales are final once you sign up. There are no refunds. You may cancel your plan by going into your settings subscription memberships section of the site. Cancellation will be for any future renewals.

Will my coach provide workout and/or exercise advice?

Workout advice may be given via personal consultation , you may select personal consultation to inquire about suggested workouts along with IntermKeto diet but we are not your personal fitness trainers we can only provide advice with respect to IntermKeto diet.