What is IntermKeto? Is it Ketogenic diet that has hype over the internet these days, <20g of net carb and excessive fat?

No, this is not a regular ketogenic diet. Although Intermketo diet is based on the fundamentals of ketogenic diet which means no sugar and refine carbs; IntermKeto does not suggest you consume less than 20g of net carb per day.  Less than 20g of net carb per day means you can't even consume enough vegetables.  Vegetables also have carbohydrates but those are healthy carbs and will not add up in your body as refined carbs does. Intermketo does not suggest you to take excessive fat. Excessive fat will cause health issues in future such as fatty liver.  Many have concluded that original Keto diet is not sustainable due to low consumption of carbs (20g) and excessive fat.

IntermKeto can be called an alternative to Keto diet and has its core in balancing the Macronutrients.  It is based on low carb, moderate protein, moderate fat, and Intermittent fasting.  Intermittent fasting (IF) is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.  The combination of low carb with Intermittent fasting does wonders.

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Health Benefits

  • Reduces blood sugar and Insulin levels
  • Lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation
  • Helps reduce the growth of cancer cells
  • Increases red blood cells
  • Induces cellular repair process

Do you want to loose weight without starvation and extensive workouts?

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About me

Saadia Azhar

My background is in Chemistry with over 8 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. I have facilitated many research projects on the effects of various diets on human body. As I experimented these diets over the course of years in clinical laboratory I started to realize that all these diets have Pro and Cons. There is not a single diet out there that doesn’t have any negative impact on human body. I took this challenge and started to formulate a unique diet plan which takes core fundamentals of keto diet and intermittent fasting. I named it IntermKeto.

IntermKeto is not a regular ketogenic diet. I do not believe in taking extremely low carb intake <20g net carbs per day nor do I believe in take excessive fat, both will certainly cause health problems which I have witnessed in my research. Side effects were included but not limited to fatty liver and keto rash. I offer my own macros, that are effective in weight loss and safe in long run. After coming up with the healthy macros my next challenge was to over come two main issues that cause weight gain. Lack of motivation and unhealthy eating habits. I was also a victim of unhealthy eating habits. I used to glaze on food all day long, constant eating in small portions was my problem. Due to this unhealthy habit I was suffering from hypertension, weight gain, back pain and fatigue. This helped me understand that its not all about what you are eating, its more about how often you are eating. I took this issue and addressed it in my IntermKeto diet plan, where I challenge my clients to follow healthy eating schedule.

The last but not the least the major issue is lack of motivation, many people start a diet and leave because lack of motivation. I created a motivational program by creating a community, where all the people who are actively trying on this diet is discussing their feelings. I also conduct motivational coaching sessions live to bring the members back on track. I believe that its all in our head, if we are determined to do any thing we are destined to find a way to do it. Human mind is very powerful.

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Listen to what my clients say

  • Annie
    I have lost 19 pounds in 2 months and a total of 51 inches all over my body. It has been a good 2 months overall and I would encourage all of you to follow the program exactly the way you are told and you will not be disappointed. I wont say that it has been easy because it definitely is not easy to begin, however with support and loads of will power it is very doable.
  • Nadia
    Hi All, just want to post that I’m a physician and was very critical of the original Keto diet. Saadia's(coach) tweaked version offers more carbs than the original diet. Transition is always better when done slowly. I followed her diet and have lost 8lbs in 4 weeks. What makes her plan unique is the support she provides. She is always there to keep you going and that helps the most! Thank you Saadia!!
  • Kalai
    I am on my 7th week of this diet. I have been looking for change in my diet for a long time and was not able to do much. Every time I read about Keto or any other diet form out in google, I was skeptical to give it a try. Because mainly the focus was on meat. I am an vegetarian and it was tough for me to even think about these fancy diet plans out on internet. ...The best part about this plan is the group. I feel that I am not alone in it and it motivates me when I am emotionally down. I started with 143 lbs and now I am down by 10lbs and lost several inches. This is not water weight. I have been on some physical activity and lost water weight few months ago and weight was very slow. I feel so much better physically and emotionally. I have not set any goal for my self in terms of weight, but I want to fit into my wedding blouse. If I can do, any body can do.
  • Nazneen
    My Keto journey stared 10 weeks ago & I've lost 14.5lbs! I'm very HAPPY with my self & I certainly feel GOOD & GRATEFUL to have lost the excess weight! Physically & Mentally its a"GREAT FEELING"
  • Faiza
    Feeling awesome, starting week 10 from today and so far I have lost 17lbs and so many inches... Energy level is amazingly high (I was thirsty n dizzy on the first 24hr IF, honestly) but it's all about making your body used to of this lifestyle, btw this is all done without any exercise 💃🏼💃🏻💃🏼